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Kiss of a Demon King - Kresley Cole Loved it! Kresley Cole's IAD seris is STILL my favorite PRN series :) Don't try to read this series out of order. "Kiss of a Demon King" picks up somewhere near the middle of the previous book, "Dark Desires After Dusk", but from Rydstrom Woede's perspective.

The heroine, Sabine, was one of my favorites because she's so different from the others - selfish and seemingly evil. She doesn't really have much sympathy for anyone because she's been killed so many times and has suffered so many horrible deaths (but Sabine is always brought back to life by her sister Lanthe's healings powers...) Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions, uses her glamour powers to cover the evidence of her past pains.

Sabine also uses an illusion to capture Rydstrom, then holds him prisoner in his own former castle, announces she is his fated mate, and finally proceeds to sexually torture him each night until he gives her an heir. And let me tell you - it was HOT HOT HOT! Rydstrom is torn between giving in to his desire and overwhelming need to satisfy his mate, and saving his kingdom.

Of course, the tables get turned, and suddenly it's Rydstrom who's doing all the teasing! Another thing I love about this book was Rydstrom's personal sexual conflict. On one hand, he feels he owes it to his kingdom to find a queen who is pure, well-loved - a kind of Snow White figure. But what he really wants is kinky submission and domination, the kind of greedy lover that takes care of herself while taking care of you, the kind that fights and resists but ultimately submits. I thought the quote that started off the book was so perfect, "That sorceress might be an evil bitch, but she's my evil bitch. And I'll have no other." - Rydstrom Woede, falling demon king of Rothkalina.

In addition to the hot sex and chemistry, the plot was exciting - will Rydstrom choose his crown or his mate? And Nix, everyone favorite Valkyrie, made some hilarous appearances - every scene she's in is such a treat - Kresley Cole needs to hurry up with her book! Lachlain and Bowen's books are still my favorites of the series, but this one is up there :)