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Wicked Pleasure - Lora Leigh Hmmm…I really enjoyed it, but I definitely had my moments of frustration. Jaci has had her eye on Cam Falladay since she was a pre-pubescent girl. He was 15 and hurting, and it would be years until she learned the awful magnitude of why, but she did the best she could as a young girl and always made Cam smile. As Jaci began to mature and fill out, Cam noticed and finally decided to act on his feelings for her while on leave from duty. He drags her away to his place, things get hot and heavy,..and then OOPS! Cam forgot to mention his hot brother Chase is always his third. So the rumors about the Falladay twins are true.

Fast forward a few years – Jaci’s still a virgin who has been pining away for Cam with her B.O.B. She arrives in Virginia for a design job at Sinclair’s mansion, namely his discreet ménage club, which also employs Cam & Chase. Cam has gone long enough without Jaci, and he’s determined to claim her. Of course, Jaci and Cam pick up where they left off, but not without Chase! Oh, no! Cam will not have sex without his trusted third. At first, Jaci doesn’t mind. She knew it was a package deal, and some smoking hot ménage sex ensues. But it doesn’t take long for Jaci to begin to want more, and tension begins to build between the threesome. At this point, I began to grow impatient with Cam – his refusal to even cuddle with Jaci after sex! He kept skirting away and refused to sleep with her. Cam is one seriously damaged man – and the reasons behind his darkness are horrific – far worse than I imagined. But even so, IMHO, it wasn’t enough to justify Cam’s peculiar behavior. I especially was irked by the whole “can’t look at her in the eyes during sex unless Chase’s there…or else she’ll see the darkness…see into my soul!!” *cue the dramatic music*

Thankfully, Jaci is willing to do what it takes to break down Cam’s defenses, and with the encouragement of Chase, she’s able to do just that. The chemistry between the h/h was incredibly hot, and albeit slowly – I enjoyed watching Cam change for the better…on the hot sports the rain *yes!*…in his bed.

There are definitely some loose ends regarding Chase, so I’m looking forward to his book, “Only Pleasure.” I also loved the side characters, Courtney and Ian Sinclair, so I am inspired to hop backwards in this series and read their book too.