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Undead and Unappreciated - MaryJanice Davidson This was a very enjoyable, fast read. Betsey, the Queen of the Vampires, gets to meet her half-sister, the spawn of the Devil. There is significant development in her growing relationship with Sinclair, her sexy consort and King. Betsey even turns into a jealous lover when she believes his affections are beginning to lie elsewhere. All the usual side characters were entertaining: Tina - Sinclair’s assistant, Jessica - Betsey’s best friend who is still charging Sinclair and Tina rent to live in her mansion, Marc – the physician, Nick - the hot cop who is still drawn to Betsey although she hasn’t fed on him since Book 1…..even one of the fiends is beginning to humanize - his name is George and he’s bathing now! :) This book is full of laughs, like when Marc and Jessica, who is black, get into a little heated discussion over the n-word, and Tina stays quiet because she was alive when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed and it’s still a sensitive subject for her! Also loved the scene where Betsey meets the Devil, who’s an extremely stylish woman and Betsey’s tempted to sell her soul for some custom-made gorgeous heels! This book was peppered with fun moments like this. I will be continuing with this series very soon. Can’t wait for the wedding! Jessica is spearheading the planning, so I expect nothing but extravagance.