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Wicked Burn - Beth Kery Highly, HIGHLY recommend. This goes into my top 5 favorite erotica ever. It's not quite good enough to knock out my number one, but it came damn close. The first sex scene hit by page 9 and it's about 20 pages in length! Yes, THAT is the kind of stuff this book is made of :) But that's not all. This book is incredibly emotional as well. You can't help but become so connected to the characters and their stuggles.

The heroine, Niall, a curator at a Chicago art museum, is very damaged with quite a bit of baggage she's hiding from her new lover, the handsome, sexy and elusive playwright Vic Savian. Vic doesn't come with a clean slate to their relationship either. His almost marriage in a very unhealthy past relationship to a "hollywood" type has left him jaded when it comes to women. Vic senses deep pain within Niall, but at least initially, he chooses to ignore it. He doesn't want to get too emotionally entangled with Niall.

The bedroom scenes were sooo hot! Vic is a very dominant and vocal lover. There's some spanking and restraints, but nothing too hardcore. I will NEVER look at pearl necklaces the same way again. Extremely creative and sexy writing ;)

What I probably enjoyed most was the angst. Vic has very strong feelings when it comes to betrayals & lies, and Niall's hiding a very big secret. Their relationship is truly tested...there are some heartbreaking scenes where you will really feel Niall's pain...having to witness Vic...oh, I can't say! You'll just have to see *g* This book was so fantastic, that when my night light went out at 2:30 a.m. due to a power outage caused by a horrible ice storm, I continued to read by candlelight until 5 a.m., only stopping because both of my candles had burned out. Also big kudos to author Beth Kery for all the real descriptions of Chicago streets - as a Chicago lover, I really appreciated it.