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Forbidden Pleasure (Bound Hearts, Book 8) - Lora Leigh This took me awhile to get through for 2 reasons. (1) the character Mac was pissing me off! I felt he was forcing his wife into a ménage relationship without much discussion. So I quit, and re-read another book. (2) unrelated to book, see below.

While the book was definitely hot, and I'll certainly read Lora Leigh again, I had some difficulty especially in the beginning. In addition to Keiley's husband bothering me, I also found Keiley to be a little unbelievable. If Mac would speak to her in a certain tone, nip her in a certain way, Keiley often said "like he never has before." She was constantly amazed by this dark side of her husband that she never knew. Apparently, Mac, a man who engaged EXCLUSIVELY in ménages and kinky sex for YEARS has been nothing but sweet and tender, having just vanilla sex with his wife of 3 years. I took issue with this.

Thankfully, Jethro, my favorite character of the book, shows up pretty early. I love the struggles between Jethro and Keiley. They start to fall for each other, but Keiley feels like she's betraying her husband while Jethro feels he's betraying his best friend. Their first scene together, alone, was sizzling hot, and I enjoyed their guilt that followed.

In addition to the hot three-way action, there's a stalker with his sights on Keiley that adds some nice suspense. Plus, there's a vindictive society princess who lusts after Mac and tries to make Keiley's life hell. I am so glad I stuck with this book! I plan on reading Wicked Pleasures before year’s end.