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Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer I felt a huge sense of loss finishing this series. Just an amazing beautiful love story. I was thrilled Jacob imprinted, though surprised it was with Renesmee. It took some getting use to, but it really works for me.

Edward and Bella's love was simply amazing! The best I've ever read. The wedding...the island. So beautiful, although it left a LOT to the imagination. I've been reading Bella/Edward fan fiction almost daily to get my fixes of what was missing! The dedicated and talented fans of this series are legion :)

I've probably cried while reading only 2 other times in my life. When Bella placed Renesmee on Jacob's shoulder, and Edward took her hand to join in her fate, I completely lost it. I really thought they might die. With all the Romeo/Juliet talk in the previous installments, plus the talk of "is there a vampire afterlife?", and "do vampires have souls?", I thought Meyer might possibly kill them! I was beyond relieved my Bella and Edward got their sweet happy ending.

My friend emailed me the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun. I hear it's amazing, and I'll probably read it soon since Meyer gave her blessing to read it. I'll still be first in line to buy Midnight Sun whenever it's released. I hope Jacob & Renesmee get a story in the future, of how they fall in love.