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Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione "Lirsha." Demon-speak for lover. Don't you just love it? How it rolls off your tongue? Reason #101 why this book ROCKS! This book is great for those who enjoy a conflicted h/h where they are each disgusted with themselves for desiring the other. Tayla the demon slayer falls for Doctor McDemon *sorry! catching up on Grey's episodes here* The super-sexy demon Eidolon. He saved her life in his hospital AND he's got a neat tattoo on his arm that literally pulses when he becomes aroused, which is often :)

Someone is mutilating demons to sell their organs on the black market for their spell making potential. Kayla's superiors, The Guardians, have ordered her to essentially destroy Eidolon & his hospital. She doesn't know who to trust or what to believe, AND, on top of that, Kayla can't have an orgasm through sex with a partner! But Eidolon has some demon-enhanced sperm that is especially arousing, and he's determined to make her climax, so whenever he c**s on her, it is it incredibly hot! I look forward to "Desire Unchained", the next book in this Demonica series.