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Voyeur - Lacey Alexander Awesome! Laura's alone at a picturesque vacation home in the Colorado mountains, trying to overcome a case of writer's block on the mystery series she writes. She gets an inch her first night there, grabs some wine & has a nice masturbation session by the fire. She's thrilled by the possibility of the homeowner watching her via his webcam angled at the sofa. But he wasn't REALLY watching...was he? Oops! :) Suddenly "Flyboy1", the handsome, adventurous corporate raider is making nightly voyeur dates via instant messenger & Laura can't resist showing up! But soon, Laura needs Braden in the flesh to continue the romance, and he's happy to oblige. Once Branden joins her in Colorado, Laura becomes a total sub, wanting nothing more than to please her host.

They christen the sh*t out of that house. The shower, porch, floor, window ledge, tub...Braden takes Laura to her sexual limits, and she keeps telling herself it's just temporary. And that they'll go their separate ways once her writer's retreat is over. She won't/can't fall for him. So much for that! Loved, loved, loved this book! Definitely a keeper. I have loaned this book to the same person multiple times within the past few months. Now I see why - it's that fantastic!