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New Moon - Stephenie Meyer Being about halfway through Eclipse right now, I can say New Moon was great, but my least favorite of the first three books.

Twilight had the mystery of Edward’s odd behavior towards Bella; the beginnings of their romance; their “date” in the woods that was so memorable; and of course, the threat of James. New Moon picks up with Edward and Bella’s romance in full swing. But after an almost deadly accident at Bella’s birthday party, the Cullens leave Forks for good to protect Bella from harm and to protect their family from exposure. Bella is more than heartbroken – she’s practically clinical! And only Jacob Black, her friend from La Push, the nearby reservation, can seem to bring her out of depression. Bella comes to rely on her time with Jacob, and even begins to consider a romance with him. Bella also discovers that when she engages in dangerous activity, she can hear Edward’s voice in her head, urging her to stop. So of course, she gets addicted to putting her life in danger.

I really loved the chemistry between Bella and Jacob. It made Edward’s absence from much of this book MORE than bearable. Jake is a sweetie! Edward leaves Bella an absolute mess, and Jacob is there to put the pieces together. But Jacob wants more than friendship and can’t help but falling for Bella himself. Not only does Jacob and Bella’s relationship develop in New Moon – Jacob also goes through a transformation that will have a major impact on the Edward/Bella/Jacob drama to come…When Edward’s life is suddenly in danger, Bella has to make a quick decision about whether to go to him and the reaction it caused was truly tugging at my heart! I was a bit torn – Jacob/Edward. Edward/Jake. Hell, I felt like I was betraying Edward :) Who should it be?

New Moon set up so much for this series. It’s very addictive & I read it pretty quickly. The way it ends, you’ll want to immediately continue with Eclipse!