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Call of the Witches - Laura Stamps I LOVED this book! Laura Stamps has outdone herself. The storytelling was perfectly paced, and the sex was smokin’ hot due to the awesome chemistry between the h/h, and I totally fell for the sweet & very sensuous Blaine Rutledge.

Maylene is a Wiccan Witch that has just relocated to Columbia, South Carolina. Maylene’s had more than her fair share of toxic men, so she has taken a 2-year vow of celibacy at the urging of her Patron Goddess, Artemis. With only 3 months to the finish line on her vow, Maylene meets Blaine, a Wiccan Green Witch and also the cousin of Donnie from “What Witches Want” (book 2 in the series). Maylene and Blaine’s attraction for each other was instant and hot. With Blaine’s long hair and lean body, Maylene begins a daily struggle with her vow. She can’t have sex, but she can date, right? *wink*

While Blaine is completely respectful of Maylene’s vow, he still believes in “kissing” friends and starts a slow sensual seduction with a woman he recognizes as special and worth the wait. Along their journey, there are lots of romantic dates, close calls, and erotic dream encounters to keep the purvettes very satisfied. My God, let me say Blaine has a wicked, wicked tongue – hot damn! :) This book definitely wasn’t a tease; the entire ride was fulfilling. Like when Blaine comes from his kitchen with a strawberry in his mouth, as a reader, you get jittery with anticipation! Because of the writing style, you live vicariously through Maylene and it’s a hot, wonderful place to be. She’s a mess around Blaine, and you will be, too!

This book teeters on the edge of PNR & erotica – definitely Laura’s hottest book yet. It’s a stand alone, but I loved catching up with the characters I met in ”What Witches Want.” There’s some great news for your old friends, but I won’t spoil it here :) Enjoy this satisfying read~