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The Vendetta Defense - Lisa Scottoline I have read and loved Scottoline's work in the past, but this story was just too unbelievable for me. I couldn't imagine a judge allowing some of the tesimony put forth by the defense, so I did a lot of wincing and eye-rolling during this one.

Pigeon Tony admits to killing Angelo Coluzzi, but he says it's payback for Coluzzi murdering Pigeon Tony's wife nearly 60 years ago, and his son & daughter-in-law in a more recent "staged" car crash. Since the prosecution makes brief mention of these events during opening statements, that has apparently opened the door for expert testimony on a car crash that occured YEARS ago, while the court's in progess on a murder trial involving different people...that just didn't fly with me. But Pigeon Tony, the defendant, was one of the most lovable characters I've come across, and he really saved the book for me. I also loved the little things, like Pigeon Tony's buddies showing up for client meetings at the law firm with coffee & pastries :) Fun characters to keep the story moving. I'll give Scottoline another try in the future.