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Colters' Woman - Maya Banks It was a very hot read, but I had a few issues. To say that the female lead Holly was stupid would be an understatement. Also, some of the storytelling was just a little unbelievable. At one point, I busted out a piece of paper and started making a list with 2 columns “Stupid/Pathetic” and “Unbelievable.” But Holly made a MAJOR turn-around for the better about two thirds of the way into the book, so I got over all of it :)

The Colter brothers have a family tradition going back at least several generations: the 3 brothers will share a wife. And they’ll just know “the one” when they find her. All brothers will be instantly attracted to her and recognize her as their mate. The book gets off to a very quick start when Adam Colter finds Holly lying unconscious in the snow near their property. The Colters live together in a secluded Colorado ranch up in the mountains. They earn a comfortable living guiding hunters during the warmer seasons, but it’s Winter now, so they’ve got nothing better to do than have hot sex with their recognized mate Holly :) Unfortunately, Holly happens to be on the run from her crazy, killer husband.

I loved the unique personalities of the brothers. Adam is the very authoritative older brother, so much so he even frightens Holly in the beginning. Ethan is the middle child, and definitely the softest one of the bunch. A little bit of a sap, so Ethan was my least favorite. The youngest brother Ryan was the most complex and definitely the hottest. Ryan was an Iraq POW for several weeks, and the pain and memories still haunt him. Ryan has refused to discuss it, and his brothers recognize he needs healing. (I’m not alone in loving Ryan as he was also the favorite of all my Cincinnati girlfriends who read this book)

The Sex! Here’s where some of the unbelievable part comes in….someone has saved their virginity for marriage, runs away from their husband before consummation, and gives it up to 3 strangers?? And the ease with which Holly has rather advanced sex was very troubling. So you’ll need to suspend your disbelief a bit. But do it, because MAN was it hot! Ryan, the military man, was very dominating in the bedroom. When he orders you to drop your pants, you listen! :) Lots of spontaneous sex in a barn, an elevator, a hotel room, and bedrooms. Men drawing hot baths for you, bathing you, washing your hair---it was a woman’s dream. Holly has individual and ménage a quatre sex with all the brothers. (Note: it’s too bad hotels don’t clean their sofas often, because they use the hell out of one in Denver!)

Although the “mate” recognition is instant, the loves takes time and it comes across as believable. Three hot cowboys loving on one woman was enough to redeem all the problems I had with this book.