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Dark Elves: Salvation - Jet Mykles I am enjoying the continuation of the Dark Elves series, but Salvation and Dissent (Books 3 & 4) simply cannot compete with Taken (Book 1), so that’s why I rated this a “4”. I read this about a week ago, but I’ve been a review slacker and a little time away from Goodreads feels like a lifetime :) so I’m just now getting around to this…

SALVATION: I loved that this story heavily featured sorcerer Radin, one of my favorite dark elves! If you recall, he’s got an extreme sexual appetite and flair for fashion – purple pants with gold boots :) Irin is a human woman raised by the raedjour, and shielded with a sexual spell to control the lust of the raedjour men. When Gala and Diana, raedjour women featured in the earlier books, point out that Irin is beyond the age of sexual majority by human standards, the suppression spell is lifted and raedjour men compete to be Irin’s first lover. Radin and his apprentice, Savous, have been especially close to Irin over the years and both hope to be at the top of the list. I won’t say who gets there first, but I will say both men enjoy her together – and it’s very unique as they have mind connections – think three-way sex, where you’re talking to your partners without having to remove your lips from their kisses – FUN! Salvation’s ending was extremely bittersweet – I kept hoping it wasn’t true and we’d have a “soap opera” moment in Dissent…sadly, I was wrong. This story in the series features a lot of political strife – something I’m not accustomed to in my erotica, but it was necessary for some much needed changes in raedjour society. And yes, Taken is still the hottest book in the series thus far! Cause I love my BDSM *wink*

DISSENT: Warning this book begins with non-con/rape, and not in the sexy raedjour way we’re accustomed, too! In the previous books, captured women couldn’t resist the raedjour attraction and the magic made them willing. Plus, these woman were protected from physical harm through the raedjour change spell. In Dissent, Marisol and her brother Geriman are captured by rogue dark elves and raped repeatedly for days, even forcing the siblings to watch each other get raped. Also, the rapes are slowly killing them as humans cannot handle the sexual needs of the raedjour for extended periods of time. While its true Marisol and Geriman can’t help but enjoy the sex, something about it seemed different? More non-consensual than in the past? Hard to explain, but if you read the previous stories before this, I think this makes sense. The humans are so abused, the raedjour rescuers consider allowing them to go free, even with the humans’ knowledge about the very secretive raedjour. This is a radical change from their societal tradition….A big negative for me in Dissent was that the sex came VERY LATE…so late, I kept getting panicky with page countdowns. Marisol falls for Jarek, Commander Salin’s former squire in Taken…he’s all grown up now, and ready for a truemate of his own. Yes, the glances, touches, kisses and tastes leading up to the sex were all the more powerful & almost tortured. But I expected more actual sex~…..Loved that my favorite couple Diana & Commander Salin make many appearances, including a hot ménage – yup, she’s in heat again :) I hope we are treated to them in the next installment, too!