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Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon I'm not even going to touch plot on this one :) You need to just read it, or read another review. I just wanted to comment that I was thrilled Ash finally got a HEA. My favorite moment of the book was when he serenaded Tory to the song "Savin' Me" by Nickelback:
Heaven's gates won't open up for me
With these broken wings I'm fallin'
And all I see is you

Wasn't that absolutely perfect, or what?? I just gushed :)

To quote a friend, after the "426 pages" of TORTURE, PAIN, and HEARTACHE....I felt the Tory part was a little rushed? Like maybe less torture, and more time with the romance? I remember panicking with about 200 pages of the book to go, thinking there wasn't enough story left to do Ash's love story justice. Didn't they make love, like once? Yes it was fantastic, and Tory reaching for "How to Tickle His Pickle" on the bedstand in the middle of oral sex had me ROFL, ....but I felt like their could be more here. Anyway, still loved the book, and I'm very happy Kenyon gave my hero and the fans such as awesome story :)