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Taken - Jet Mykles Loved it!! Especially the first story, Taken, with Commander Salin!

TAKEN: Never in my life have I flipped to the front cover while reading as much as I did while reading Taken. (He's the guy on the cover, on the right, with the short, slightly curly hair) do you see why? :) Not only was the hero awesome, the heroine, Diana was great as well. Before being captured by the Raedjour, the society of dark elves that live deep beneath the mountains of the Dark Forest and were created as sexual consorts for their Goddess Rhea, Diana was living an independant and dangerous life with her only friend Gala. Since the Raedjour can only breed with their one "truemate", who is always a captured human woman since they only produce males, they often ease their new captures into their world with a lust spell to make it less traumatic. But Diana is extremely fiesty and won't calm down, and being the excellent swordswoman that she is, they even nicknamed her hellcat :) As is tradition, the captured women spend 9 smokin' hot days a Raedjour man, and are tested at the end to see if they're pregnant, and have thus found their truemate. If not, they're passed along to the next man, in an order determined by the sorcerers. Commander Salin has never been tempted before, but he finds Diana's fire irresistable. He demands to be next to "try" Diana. His room is filled with lots of fun contraptions and night after night, Commander Salin brings Diana exquisite pleasure, although she tries to deny it all and admits nothing. He refuses to fully take her, until she gets over her resistance and begs for it...and it was sooo worth the tease! I loved the chemistry and dialogue - Salin and Diana were a perfect match!

MASTERED: I also loved this hero, Captain Krael, who is not only a skilled warrier, but also a master at sexual whip play (hence, the hot photo of him with a whip on the cover). I still really enjoyed Mastered, but I didn't care for this heroine, Suzana, as much as Diana. Can I even call her a heroine? She was pretty weak to me...her family has been killed, and she's off to be sold to fetch a high price for her virginity, when she's instead captured/rescued by the Raedjour. She quickly falls for Krael and insists that HE try her first. She was super submissive, right from the beginning and all throughout...I guess I like more of a struggle for submission? She just fell into it waaay to easily for me. I guess when you know, you know ;)

The end of both stories were very intense, and as erotic as they were, do not doubt these are LOVE stories. I look forward to continuing with this series!