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Dream Chaser - Sherrilyn Kenyon To quote Simi from the YearofAcheron website:

"Don’t forget that Dream Chaser is out and before you read Akri’s book, you really, really need to read Xypher’s cause if you don’t know who Jaden is, you gonna be missing out."

Well if Simi says so, I guess that's settled! ;D

...ok, finished reading - here's my review:

I haven't read the first 2 Dream Hunter books, but I had no problem following along. Xypher is another classic Kenyon hero – gorgeous and tortured. He's a Skoti (a rogue Dream Hunter that alters dreams to enhance their borrowed emotions). But is Xypher really as bad as they say? After receiving a one month reprieve from his torture at the hands of Hades, Xypher has one goal: bring the traitorous woman responsible for his imprisonment back to hell with him. Poor Xypher is sleeping on the streets and barely eating, hunting Daimons to find a way into Kalosis, the Atlantean hell realm where Satara (Striker’s vicious sister) currently resides. Xypher is angry, untrusting, and lacks social graces when he meets the heroine, Simone Dubois. He’s even more upset when he realizes he has been magically bound to her and their lives depend on the other staying alive! I like this set up, because that means plenty of interaction with the h/h. We’re talking – can’t even use the bathroom without the other standing outside the door :) Like all Kenyon heroes, Xypher comes around and we get a sweet love story with amazing sacrifices that touched my heart.

Jaden was a complete scene stealer – and very intriguing. He’s a new character that will play a vital role in the future Dark Hunter novels. Very sexy with one green and one brown eye, long black hair, typical YUM! I think of him as a demon death dealer – like Acheron, he is very mysterious, and Jaden can make things happen for you, but always at a price. Jaden won’t do your bidding, but he’ll give you the means to. In spite of this, Jaden is honorable…very complex guy. I’m looking forward to learning more about him…hey, maybe in the future, we’ll all flip out over Jaden’s book as we’re doing with Ash right now :)

Ash, his daughter Kat, Charonte Demons, vampiric Sumarian gallu Demons, and a Sumarian Dimme all make appearances here. A small part of this plot is connected to "Devil May Cry", the Dark Hunter book that preceded "Dream Chaser."