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What Witches Want - Laura Stamps This is a beautiful story about friendship, healing, and love. Although this is my first book by the author, it’s actually Book 2 in the Witchery series. I jumped right in with ease, so I would consider this book a stand alone.

First, let me say, I loved that this book is sprinkled with details about Wiccan culture and traditions. Each witch is chosen by a Goddess at some point in their life, and their Goddess offers protection and guidance. Savannah has come to Columbia, South Carolina to start a new life without her emotionally abusive ex-husband Greer. A Wiccan Faery Witch, Savannah is surprised when her Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast brings an adorable kitten Re to her front door. Goddess Bast also indicates a new love will enter Savannah’s life. But Savannah first goes through healing with the help of fellowship from her Wiccan friends, especially long-time friend Ravena and her new neighbor Noelle. During the first part of the book, you’re immersed into Savannah’s life and with the rich details, you truly feel as if you’re going on this journey with her: dinners and afternoon iced teas with her girlfriends, dealing with the damage of her marriage to Greer, trying to keep her magikal handbag business successful, dealing with the riotous antics of her new kitten Re! (I’ve got a dog, but I’m seriously considering a cat now!). When Noelle and her sexy Wiccan boyfriend Wynn introduce Savannah to green witch Donnie – sparks immediately begin to fly. I loved that Savannah was very sensual and had no shame in giving in to her desires and heart. With gorgeous Donnie’s long blond hair, lean killer body, and gentle spirit, can you blame her? But when Savannah’s ex arrives in Columbia, she suddenly has two men in her life!

In addition to the love blossoming, this book has a chill factor that gave me goosebumps in a “Sleeping with the Enemy” sort of way. As Laura Stamps will tell you, she’s been there – and it’s clear she’s writing from experience. The way the little subtleties begin to slowly escalates…..just read it! Don’t worry, there’s definitely a satisfying HEA and Savannah comes out on top. I can’t wait to read Book 3 in this series, Call of the Witches – fortunately, I think its available this October. Enjoy!