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Swing - Opal Carew Wow, wow, wow! Extremely satisfying, with equal quotients love, sex and desire. This is my second book by Opal Carew, and she has become a must read for me.

The very first line of the book is, “Would you come to a Swingers’ club with me?” This story just jumps right in :) Shane and Melissa have been best friends for years. There’s been some hope for more, especially on Melissa’s part, and now they have suddenly found themselves single at the same time. Shane is tall, sexy, rich and ripped to perfection. An adventurous man with few inhibitions, he needs Melissa to pose as his wife as he evaluates a potential investment – a swingers’ resort called The Sweet Surrender – during the resort’s week long orientation session.
Suzanne, the sexy and independent owner of Sweet Surrender, is just as audacious as Shane when it comes to the bedroom. She suspects the unidentified buyer will send an associate to evaluate the resort during orientation. So Suzanne asks her best friend and sometimes lover, the gorgeous private investigator Ty, to pose as her husband and help her identify the potential buyer so she can ensure Sweet Surrender leaves a good impression. From the moment the 2 “couples” arrive at the resort, Ty and Melissa can’t keep their eyes off each other. Melissa is conflicted, because it’s Shane she loves and wants to be with, right? :) I loved Melissa’s transformation through her time at the resort; Sweet Surrender awakens secret desires within she never knew she had.. And Ty? *sigh* You will love him! Melissa, Shane, Ty and Suzanne are ALL integral players in the story here.

Carew did such a fantastic job writing this - as a reader, you really feel as if you, too, are spending a week at Sweet Surrender – the nightly activities and special rooms, so much fun! Blind Man’s Lust, the voyeur rooms, the plays (this is NOT your Broadway fare!), the spontaneity of it all. Sh*t is going down left and right, but it always adds to the plot and never feels gratuitous as it develops one of the main characters in some way. And when you get to the dungeon scene, OMG! And the ending? Carew has done it again! Even MORE amazing then Blush’s ending. FYI, the group sex does involve some female/female interaction….if you can’t handle that, why on earth are you even considering a book called "Swing"? LOL! Enjoy ;)