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Dark Side of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon While reading this installment, I couldn’t help but feel truly rewarded with having stuck with this series. Although there were a few disappointments, the majority of the Dark-Hunter series has been entertaining and very worthwhile.

There were some shocking developments and great cliff-hangers here: One of the side characters Cael, a sexy Dark Hunter (who dons a kilt and not much else in this book)…is turned Daimon by his well-intentioned, “former Apollite-now Daimon” wife? And Ash doesn’t warn him? Ash is so unpredictable – he doesn’t hesitate to bring back Amanda/Kyrian/Urian, thereby altering their fates, but yet Ash allows Cael to walk right into doom.

Loved the twist of the heroine Susan being allergic to her Were-Hunter mate Ravyn – very cute! Although the passion between the two still can’t compete with some earlier Dark-Hunter pairings (Kyrian/Amanda, Zarak/Astrid), I still found this couple to be very believable.

Although many fans are upset by Nick Gautier’s woe-is-me attitude throughout this book, but the kid has been through a lot, and I welcomed the change in dynamics with his relationship with Ash. The cliff-hanger ending with Nick feeding from Stryker neck, then sexually ravaging Satara’s body (Stryker’s half-sister and “rumored” Ash heroine), and then realizing he’d just damned himself to be the servant of the man responsible for his mother’s death…..was AWESOME! –I also thought Stryker was great throughout the book – and when he savaged the throat of the corrupt police chief, I couldn’t help but do a silent little cheer :) Also appreciated all the new information about Stryker – let’s see, he’s into orgies with men and women, and has a deep respect for the Dark-Hunters as worthy opponents. I hope Devil May Cry is just as fun!