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Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich Warning - this is mostly me venting....Utterly disappointing book. I remember a time when I was so sad to finish a Plum book, just dying to get my hands onto the next one - thinking, "God, I'm supposed to wait another year?" Not the case here.

The Villain: so lukewarm! He couldn't even cut Loretta's freakin' toes! what a punk! God I miss the days of Benito Ramirez - he was one of the best Plum villains IMHO. Ramirez was dark and terrifying, and had plenty of interaction with Steph. Not so much for the computer tech guy who Steph sees for all of 5 seconds!

Loved: Brenda, Brenda, Brenda - good to see her get a national reality show in the end; Steph still loving BOTH men (although she didn't act like it); Steph and Morelli were so cute together being all domestic - and when he bought her the birthday cake, I think I felt my heart flutter :) and last but not least, Ranger in the tux!

GGRRR: Steph turning down the many opportunities to hook up with Ranger. Also not happy that the actual scene with Ranger wearing the Tux was so very short! Ranger finally wears a tux, and BOOM! Dinner is over and they're all exhausted - how about Ranger and Steph flirting with each other during dinner...they're all dressed up and glamorous, what a huge waste! And when Steph's evening with Ranger is over, all she can think about is "getting home to Morelli"?

It seems like the series is coming to an end; such disregard for the BABEcakes.