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Witch Blood - Anya Bast The book had a promising beginning taking place in a nightclub, and shortly thereafter, a limousine. Our heroine, water witch Isabelle Novak, is trying to seduce and kill warlock Stefan, whom she holds responsible for her sister’s recent brutal murder at the hands of a demon. Warlocks are basically rogue witches that do not abide by the Coven’s code of ethics forbidding harm to other witches. In fact, Isabelle wants to use her water powers to permanently freeze Stefan where the sun doesn’t shine! Isabelle’s attempt is quickly thwarted by her future love interest, Thomas Monahan, the current leader of the witch Coven. Subsequently, the story became a little slow for me. Unlike Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, I did NOT find myself staying up at night to finish this. I’m still glad I stuck with it as the book did pick up speed. Also on a positive note, I did enjoy the relationship of Isabelle & Thomas. Thomas has always been everyone’s protector. Before Isabella, he was usually alone as most women in the Coven were intimidated by his good looks, top rank, and serious reserve. Isabella is a fiery, independent woman that likes to think she doesn’t need any help. She’s also not shy about making moves on Thomas, although Isabella is not looking for anything long-term. But what begins as mere satisfaction of mutual needs progresses into something much more meaningful. If I can quote Isabella, “somehow, we went from f**king, to having sex, to making love.” That sums it up perfectly~