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Under Mr. Nolan's Bed - Selena Kitt I had a Mr. Nolan moment yesterday. I helped someone move into their new home...Their upstairs bathroom had 2 entrances: one from the hallway...and one from master bedroom...and if you’ve read this book, you can appreciate and understand why all I could think of for a few paralyzing seconds was him.

I bought this ebook a few years ago, so what I had and what I read was the original version. This version was banned on Amazon in late 2010 and - I’m not even sure if the author is aware of this - but Barnes & Noble is now hiding it. It doesn’t come up in searches for “Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed.” All the comes up is “Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed - Revised.” You must click on that revised version; then click on the “Nookbook” link in the “All Available Formats + Editions” section....then voila - there it is, the version that does not say revised. There are actually three versions of Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed. (1) The original version first published in 2008, but listed on B&N as being published in 2010 “Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed.” (2) A less taboo version called “Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed - Revised.” And now (3), the tamest, least taboo version called “Plaid Skirt Confession.”

And I’m an idiot, because things get REALLY crazy at the end of the book, and I missed the content warning on the seller's page when I bought it. Was it even there at the time? The warning? I don’t know - but it's definitely there now. I bought this so long ago, but when I opened up my ebook a few days ago, there was no warning that it was going....where it went. I loved the first...85% of this story. This was my first Selena Kitt read and she’s a talented badass in the genre. It was wicked hot. Explicit. But never boring. I mean...she is secretly sleeping with her best friend’s father while her best friend is sleeping just across the hall!! Sure, I starting to cringe at the unexpected turn of events during that last 15%, but I can’t fault the book because I wasn’t paying closer attention to what I was buying. One of my Goodreads pet peeves is people downgrading book ratings because they find the content objectionable...when they were warned about the content on the seller’s website! I’ve since read one of Selena Kitt’s free short stories - - & purchased another book, all within the last 24 hours. She has a new fan in me.