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Branded as Trouble - Lorelei James My copy is inscribed “It’s worth the wait”, and hell yeah, it WAS!!  I always feel guilty about meeting an author and being behind in their series. Since Colt’s introduction, I always knew I wanted to see the sexy McKay manwhore fall in love, so I’ve been fangirling about Colt McKay since long before I actually reached him. But yay! I finally made it :)

Colt starts out as the really good looking, and probably hottest McKay, primarily interested in booze, partying and kinky, wild random sex with bimbo types. And then we met India in Tied Up, Tied Down....and she completely stole the show in her sister's book. India's one of those special characters you just instantly love and want to read more about. A hot-tempered, sexy, tattooed, motorcycle-riding tattoo artist not accustomed to the “cowgirl” ways out west. As a benefit to being behind, I did cheat and immediately confirm my suspicions that she would be Colt’s woman :) We got tiny glimpses into their relationship as close friends and as AA sponsor/sponsee. So you would absolutely do yourself a disservice if you read this fabulous series out of order. So far, #s 3 and 6 are tied as my favorites, followed closely by #5 - there’s plenty to enjoy.

When this book begins, through the help of AA and mainly India, Colt has been sober and celibate for 3 years. He’s taken the necessary time to heal and become a better man. And he’s ready to be with a woman again. But there is only one woman that will suffice - and she’s completely clueless about his feelings. The pursued becomes the pursuer, but it’s far deeper than that. Inevitably, after some comedy (you will love the setup of how these 2 came to be in close quarters) and a bit of angst, Colt and India cross over the line of friendship. And they were mostly dressed, but WHOA was it a ridiculously hot scene! India has an interesting body with lots of secrets :)

Since neither one of them has much experience with a healthy romantic relationships, I really enjoyed their struggles through dating and courting. There were a few volatile moments to keep it exciting - both before and after they hit the sheets. There is one scene in particular, where Colt misleads India into something...and a bet’s involved? One of the hottest scenes in this series, right up with Trevor and Edgar’s trailer hookup in Long Hard Ride which I can’t ever seem to shut up about.

Friendship, love, HAWTNESS!!...addiction struggles and family healing - this was a well-rounded story and now one of my favorites. My 2 favorites characters hooking up? This Rough Riders installment is going to be very hard to top, but I have no doubts I’ll continue to enjoy the Ride ;)