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Rough, Raw, and Ready - Lorelei James Since beginning this series with Long Hard Ride over a year ago, I've been looking forward to Trevor and Edgard's book. Although they weren't the h/h of that book, they completely stole the show, IMHO, with the hottest scene in the trailer. So of course, I hated Chassie the moment I laid eyes on Rough, Raw and Ready's cover. And when she was introduced as Trevor's wife in Tied Up, Tied Down, I scowled. But I got over my fear of Chassie cooties and tried to give her a chance. After her initial *Oh my God, my husband might be in love with a hot Brazilian cowboy* issues, she was actually so giving and understanding that it was hard not to like her, especially as Chassie encouraged Trevor to not feel ashamed of his feelings for Edgard.

But like Long Hard Ride, the hottest scenes of this book were, for me, moments when Trevor and Edgard were pleasuring each other, or alone. And thank you THANK YOU for their extremely touching solo scene. I admit - I got pretty nervous towards the end, especially after the Edgard/Chassie scene...but Lorelei saved the best for last, and I shouldn't have panicked ;) Their fire and intensity for one another is the best in the series, so far, followed closely by AJ & Cord in Cowgirl Up and Ride. But I'm almost as excited for Colt and India's story up next because nothing's better than a non-traditional bad-ass heroine and the gorgeous former bad-boy who's going to claim her :)