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Mahlet/EthiopianSiren Hits Up J.R. Ward's Possession Signing: October 5, 2013

Possession  - J.R. Ward

Please bear with me friends - my Booklikes page is just 1 week old and I'm pretty HTML ignorant :)  I'll master all the fancy customization stuff later. And I've received some private messages about this - No, I'm not leaving Goodreads...but in light of the review/shelf deletion debacle this September, I wanted a 2nd home for my book reviews. Booklikes seemed like the best fit and I'm happy to find my GR friends here.


For now, lets just chat BDB and Fallen Angels shall we? If you haven't read Possession, there are Fallen Angels spoilers in here. Great event. Very relaxed. Maybe about 150 people? She personalized multiple items for everyone. My main objective was to get my Qhuay poster from the Lover At Last signing signed...


Me and my new prized possession


Many of the deets below have already been posted on J.R. Ward's Facebook page. But some stuff was excluded, especially the additional details on s'Ex.  And a few of her funny quips.


Q&A Session covering Fallen Angels and Black Dagger Brotherhood Worlds


-Tohr's book fast forwarded the BDB world 1 year, so BDB and Fallen Angels books are no longer on the same timeline.

-It feels like forever, but Eddie's only been dead for 1-2 week.

-At the end of Possession, when Sissy goes into the mall and sees the guy with the long ponytail? That's not Eddie.

-Someone ACTUALLY wasted a question on "Is John Matthews Darius?" *sideeye*

-Lots of John Matthews in The King. Darius made the deal with the Scribe Virgin in order to have a relationship with his daughter...JR will use The King to show us what their relationship is like (Darius/John with Beth)...but JR added that "I can't put everything in there" Then JR quickly added under her breath, "That's what she said")...Audience uproar of laughter and JR was in tears...If you need some help on that one, JR was talking about Wrath's cock *g*

-She won't tell us the name of Beth and Wrath's baby.

-Why did Sissy stay on earth rather than go up to the mansion of souls? JR jokes Jim wouldn't be able to bang someone he liked...then gave serious answer that there are two souls left and it should be PAINFULLY obvious who the two souls are...Keep reading.

-The halos that Sissy sees identity The Soul In Play. (But Sissy and Jim still need to figure out the significance of the halos)

-The only way Havers is getting a mate is over JR's dead body.

-The Angels' house...Very interesting...Someone asked a really detailed question, talking about heavy drapes and a vampire comment made in relation to that (I'm only 25% through Possesion - I had no clue about what they were referring to)...I didn't catch everything, but basically, people wanted to know about the origins of the house.  JR won't tell us about its origins right now. But she does tell us this: Eddie is in the attic...It's Eddie's sheer presence that's renovating the house.

-The crazy clock in the Angels' house? Some "mystical shit going on with the clock"

-If Eddie is able to regenerate the Angels' house, can Eddie can come back by regenerating himself? JR thought this question was way off.

-JR used Rehv's book - the first hardcover - to really go "balls-to-wall" and do what she wanted to do with the series. That's why it had a different feel to it. 

-Is the Devina a completely lost cause? J.R. "She ends up with Lash" (major screaming and applause ensued)...JR added, "Bitch needs a man and he needs some of that"

-It's about time for Muhrder to come back, but he's not in The King.

-The women that always asks about the Hoe Patrol and getting the Chosen laid :) She asked again today. JR says they're gonna get some, but not all at once *g*

-Trez very much into Selena, but she has issues

-Hardest scenes for JR to write? JR names several, including Rhage coming back into the bedroom and sitting on the edge of the bed...after he'd just banged another chick, Tohr listening to Wellsie's voice on the answering machine then the brothers appear to tell him she's dead, and Bella running out of the mansion screaming in Lover at Last as she realizes Zsadist is in the plane.

-Nigel is really and truly 100% DEAD. He did kill himself, but it was brilliantly done-->Nigel is always about the game, 1st and foremost, even before Collin. Now JR is worried about Collin....

-There's a followup question about Nigel popping back up? JR joked, "Bitch! What part of dead do you not under..." LOLOL!

-The Scribe Virgin favor that Wrath owes? It might have something to do with her return, but it must be something extraordinary to make her come back.

-JR refuses to tell us what BDB book will follow The King, but she does tell us the next Fallen Angels will is titled "Immortal"

-She now finally knows the answer to whether Lassiter's book will be a BDB book or a Fallen Angels book, but she won't tell us.

-Will there be a conthest between Xcor and Throe? Keep reading

-s'Ex is the Enforcer for the Queen of the Shadow.  He's terrifying/awesome. JR is super excited about him, and now, I am, too. He wears a robe with a hood, like an executioner from the Middle Ages. Initially, you'll think he has a white tattoo all over his body. But actually, s'Ex has been injected with poison to prove his masculinity.  The poison has turned his skin white, but some of his darker skin underneath shines through in some areas. The white/poision induced skin is all over, head to toe, because s'Ex is a badass and had the poison injected all over his body and endured so much pain to do so. JR tells us of this awesome conversion where I fell in love with him a little...s'Ex is having a conversation with iAm. He's trying to talk iAm out of doing something, and he lets him know, "If you do this, I'm going to murder your parents. I'm going to shave your mother's hair, tie her down, rape her, kill her, and then make what I do to your father make that seem like a cakewalk." s'Ex doesn't want to do this, but he will if iAm makes him. The conversation is about something iAm wants to do to get his brother back from Saheev? <--spelling? I had no idea on that last word, but that's what it sounded like :)   JR is clearly in total lust with s'Ex :) JR added that she's happily married, but she "needs some of that"...This s'Ex stuff will be in The King.

-JR is a huge Duke fan - yes, he'll finish medical school.

-JR won't answer "Will Jim will have to take Nigel's place and who will be the new savior?"

-Question: I feel like we're gearing up for something big...Will we lose any of the Brothers in The King? J.R. looks troubled, starts to pace with her head down, then she says, "No - I can't..No" like she wants to answer and she's on the verge of answering...The questioner begs JR Ward not to kill her baby daddy. (JR is familiar with the question asker---she knows which Brother she is referring to when she says "baby daddy"...I unfortunately do not...More on that later)....People begin to BEG for an answer to this question....Then one of JR's people up front (Publisher? Beta Reader?) - I don't know who - but this person firmly yelled at JR, "WATCH IT!"...Then JR apologized to us and said she couldn't answer. Then the questioner started whining about her baby daddy, so JR reassured her, "I told you it's not your baby daddy - What The Fuck Girl?" LOL....


My personal speculating into this...The word choice..."it's not your baby daddy"...So if it's not the "baby daddy"/favorite Brother of the question asker...does the way she phrased her response imply that a Brother does die, just not this particular Brother? And also...who in the Hell is this "baby daddy?" :) Because clearly, this dude is apparently SAFE, so now I want to know who he is. So yeah, I feel the word choice in JR's response may have given something away. Hope I'm wrong though~


-Layla and Xcor DO hookup. I piggy-backed on someone else's question and added, "Just them?"...I had threesome with Throe on my mind. JR answered that Layla is "somebody's baby mama now"/she's not gonna do all that crazy kinky sex like JR's infamous dirty fireplace scene.

-Wolfen is a subspecies, like the Shadows.

-I heard the questioner ask, "Are Xcor and Tohr brothers?" - and JR pretended like she couldn't hear the question (basically a "Keep Reading" answer)...but on JR's facebook page, the wrote the question, "Are Xcor and Throe brothers"

-Duke is on the Possession cover

-There's talk about the BDB and Fallen Angels series catching up with each other. 2 options for end of FA series: (1) Jim loses (obviously not going to happen since BDB world is still around). (2) Jim wins, but is the end closed or open?...Different possibilities for Eddie... JR speculates - Can Eddie come back in FA book 7? Or will he be resurrected by Lassiter? She doesn't know.

-Assail is very much in The King.  He's basically on a killing spree for the last quarter of The King, so much so JR worried it was too much. She likened all the kills to video game hits.

-Saxton has a huge role in The King. JR originally thought he would die, but now she thinks there's someone he ends up with (Yaaaaay!)

-The Twins are in The King. Their scenes are some of the funniest parts of the book.

-JR is almost finished with Rhage and Mary's novella.

-Payne's regenerating abilities create a problem for JR as a writer. If Payne can regenerate everyone, then the "stakes are in the shitter." So Payne has diminishing abilities (JR likens it to a draining battery). She laid her hands on George - he'll live for 900 years....Boo doesn't need Payne's abilities.

-JR Ward is doing a new series in a new universe. She refuses to answer whether this new series will be PNR (paranormal romance), but she does promise it'll have "plenty of good hard men."

-Muhrder never bonded with Xhex.

-Discussion about awesomeness of "Ad torturing Devina" scene and her ending up at her therapist as a result.

-When Jim told Sissy, "You're Mine", but that he'd regret telling her that - what was up with that? JR: Jim missed a soul because he's more focused on Sissy in this book, rather than saving everyone's soul.

-One question asker is creeped out by Jim/Sissy age difference. JR discusses how the wall has changed Sissy and how Sissy's suffering felt like an eternity to her. She might still have the body

of a 19 year old, but she is not the same girl.

-Butch and Marissa news? - He's still hot. They're fine. She hopes to revisit them. Someone piggy backs - Any kids? JR says she doesn't know, then discusses how not everyone wants kids and that's fine.

-Same city for The King's book signing! March 29th at the Millenium Hotel (that's downtown). They're working on getting a block of rooms.  After the Q&A session, one of JR's assistants said they're working on having some of their official merchandise there for purchase.....

**If you were like me and got a case of the SADZ when you realized the bar at the back the Music Hall ballroom (Lover At Last signing) did not serve alcohol, Please Note: There is a bar at the Millennium Hotel :)

-Last question/answer was a doozy and a perfect way to end the Q&A "Will Beth have a human or vampire pregnancy? JR: I was completely surprised and shocked by the kind of pregnancy Beth has. Half breeds like Beth can "pull from both sides" "...what if there's a third option?"


Alien baby? I'm clueless. One of my girlfriends at the signing thought it meant Beth would have twins - one vampire and one human, and one is born later than the other one.  I don't know, but we're having fun guessing :)